Youth Education Ambassadors of Bermuda (Y.E.A. Bermuda) is a group consisting of 4 young leaders that recently graduated from Dellwood Middle School: Imagin Burrows, Xave Smith, Mishaya Furqan- Swan, and Torano Pitt-Young. We are members of Family Centre’s Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) programme that looks to support young people to reach their full potential through challenging growth, exposure to opportunities that expand possibilities, and foster holistic development.

Over the last 3 months, we have engaged in discussions with our friends and leaders in our community regarding community issues that we face everyday as young people. Our group has been specifically tasked with taking a closer look into the challenges and gaps that exist in the current education system. We have researched the Education system from the beginning of time to present day, we have discussed the perception of public school students vs private school students, and the disadvantage that public school students face due to a lack of money and resources.

Based on what we have learned, we have decided to focus on three main areas to create a broader impact:

  1. Shifting the public perception of public-school students
  2. The importance of a relatable academic curriculum
  3. Raising money to donate school supplies back to our alma mater, Dellwood Middle School



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If you would like to support the fundraising aspect of our project, please donate using the form below.
All proceeds will be used to purchase vouchers and supplies, including school uniforms, healthy lunch bags, and school supplies for Dellwood Middle School.

If you would like to support Family Centre’s Youth Leadership Academy, which is a non-profit programme provided at no cost to youth and their families, please visit  You can specify your donation to go towards YLA in the comments.

Youth Leadership Academy – YLA Foundations Summer Social Change Projects

Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a 5-year, 3-phase programme that aims to help and support young people to reach their full potential. Through exposure to opportunities, the young people learn that leadership is not just a position, it is taking action. Along this journey they learn the importance of their voice and that they must initiate the actions that will bring about the change they seek.

Every summer, the newest cohort of YLA youth engage in small group discussions surrounding important community issues, such as Social Justice, Racism, Poverty, and Education. Young people expand their existing knowledge, discuss the impacts these issues have on our community, and show their deeper connection by sharing some of their personal experiences relating to their group’s topic. Youth are challenged to create a project that brings awareness to the topic, initiating conversations such as this to take place to affect a greater change to occur.

A look back at 2021: Take a look at last year’s YLA social change projects.

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