Family Centre Programmes and Services 2022 Impact Highlights

  • In 2022, Family Centre reached over 20,000 Bermuda residents through our therapeutic and advocacy reach into the community.
  • 144 families with children between the ages of 4-18 years old received our most intensive counselling services. By the end of the year, 75% of these families had met all their treatment goals and were functioning better as a family.
  • 129 public middle and high school students (72 males and 57 females) participated in our Beyond Rugby Bermuda and Beyond Yoga Bermuda community programmes. This represents a 57% increase in enrolment of young people into our Beyond Programmes compared to 2021.  97% of the students’ parents or guardians reported the programme was beneficial for their child, and helpful for themselves and their broader family.
  • 60 public high school youth participated in our Youth Leadership Academy programme. 100% of youth entering the programme in 2022 reported a positive shift in their feelings of empowerment, relationship building skills, and communication skills after completing the first phase of the programme.  100% of the youth in the third phase of the programme who participated in the summer internship component reported that their summer experiences had helped them practice work readiness skills, develop good work habits, and helped them think more intentionally about their career goals.
  • A 2022 Omnibus survey revealed that over a third of Bermuda’s residents reported that they saw or heard our “Mental Health Matters” public advocacy campaign. This is over 20,000 residents who saw or heard these ads. 89% of those residents said that the ads increased their awareness of potential mental health issues in children and teens. The most common reason was a belief that it’s an important or serious topic that needs to be publicised. Residents reported that it is important to be aware of the local programmes and services that are available for mental health support, and that it’s important to identify and recognize mental health problems and signs.


Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) parent:

“My daughter has access to her youth worker, whom she really loves and respects and this speaks volumes to the YLA programme! Your influence has moulded her to become a better person, she is executing what she has learned through the programme, and it makes me so proud to watch her grow. My daughter has made Principals List this term, she signed us up for a book club so, that we can spend more quality time together and she plans on attending Bermuda College in the fall. I know that being a part of this programme has influenced her in the most positive way. There have been multiple times when Family Centre has come to our rescue, times when I felt hopeless and did not know where to turn. The YLA programme provides consistent mentorship and support, something that is missing in our community. I feel this programme holds so much value and provides opportunities that my daughter would not have had.”

Beyond Rugby student:

“Beyond Rugby helps me stay focused and care more about my education. I keep up to date with my grades online and have learned more about my career and myself through the seminars we have had. I have learned to take losses as lessons, not as a beating. Beyond Rugby helps me stay proactive and out of trouble.”

Counselling Services parent:

“Being able to discuss our inner feelings and emotions in a safe, caring environment opened many issues that needed to be addressed. My daughter felt like she had a voice and that someone really cared enough to make the time to listen and help. For the first time in years, we are closer as a family. Instead of just talking, we are listening and being sensitive towards each other. Our bond has grown due to the fact that we set aside more times on the weekend for ‘special gatherings.’ I feel so much closer because of the tools I was given during my time at Family Centre.”

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