Family Centre Programmes and Services 2023 Impact Highlights

  • In 2023, 131 families with children between the ages of 4-18 years old received our most intensive counselling services. By the end of the year, 71% of these families had met all their treatment goals and were functioning better as a family.
  • 156 public middle and high school students (90 males and 66 females) participated in our Beyond Rugby Bermuda and Beyond Yoga Bermuda community programmes. This represents a 21% increase in enrolment of young people into our Beyond Programmes compared to 2021.
  • 57 public high school youth participated in our Youth Leadership Academy programme. 92% of youth entering the programme in 2023 reported a positive shift in their feelings of empowerment, relationship building skills, and communication skills after completing the first phase of the programme.
  • Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) students were invited to attend the 2023 Throne Speech by Mr. Marc Telemaque, Secretary to the Cabinet Office, after their community impact projects caught the attention of the Cabinet and Government Ministers. 5 Bermuda Government departments have been tasked to action these youth-led initiatives. Learn more
  • Family Centre engaged in 90 Advocacy Activities, which include psychoeducational workshops, presentations, public statements on topics affecting families, and consultations for other organizations working to improve the wellbeing of children and families. Family Centre also participated in 5 Collaborative Groups.


Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) parent:

“Youth Leadership Academy has helped my child in areas where she needed help that I could not support her with. Whenever I needed help and support from my worker, she is there to help. This programme teaches children to come out of their shell, look to the future, and be grounded in where life can lead them. YLA can help you get closer to your child. They help with your child’s education and are always there to listen and talk to when needed to get things off your chest. I love the programme just the way it is.”

Beyond Rugby parent:

“My daughter is beginning to feel successful academically due to the additional space the Beyond Rugby programme creates for young people to complete their homework assignments. It has been helpful to us as a family.”

Beyond Yoga parent:

“My child did not want the programme to end. She enjoyed everything- the journaling, the artwork, the activities. The best part for me was knowing that she was interacting with her peers in a safe space. She has younger siblings that will be at Dellwood next year, and they keep asking if they will be able to do the Beyond Yoga programme. This programme is a godsend – my daughter would be packed and ready for yoga every Monday night. She would remind me that she has her programme. She suffers from social anxiety and would not eat in front of people. The first few weeks of the programme, she would bring her food home afterwards. After the third week, she stopped bringing her food home. I asked where her food was, and she told me she ate it – I was so surprised. I have seen an improvement in her confidence since enrolling in Beyond Yoga.”

Counselling Services parents:

“What was most helpful washow the Family Centre counsellors handled my son and communicated with him. The structure was impressive. Counselling Services helped with anger management.”

“Being able to discuss our inner feelings and emotions in a safe, caring environment opened many issues that needed to be addressed. My daughter felt like she had a voice and that someone really cared enough to make the time to listen and help. For the first time in years, we are closer as a family. Instead of just talking, we are listening and being sensitive towards each other. Our bond has grown due to the fact that we set aside more times on the weekend for ‘special gatherings.’ I feel so much closer because of the tools I was given during my time at Family Centre.”

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