For over thirty years, Family Centre has been providing critical subsidised child and family intervention services to the Bermuda community. Family Centre is the only not-for-profit social, behavioural and mental health organisation for children in Bermuda that is not hospital or government based.
We are proud to be an internationally accredited, Bermuda-registered charity committed to supporting the positive development of Bermuda’s at-risk children, their families and our community. We aim to empower children, youth and families to reach their full potential through advocacy and innovative enrichment and counselling programmes. Family Centre embraces a “Wraparound” system of care in our programmes, which are delivered through the following strategies:




Advocacy initiatives and capacity building services allow us to get out in front of the issues that affect families, help build community capacity and allow us to speak for those whose voices have not been heard. These services are aimed at primary prevention by changing the environment, so children receive better opportunities for wellbeing at home, at school and in the community.

Building the capacity of those who care for children and shape their lives:

– Public Advocacy Campaigns and Messaging
– Parent, Student, and Community Psychoeducation Workshops and Panels

Working together with partners to more effectively serve vulnerable children and families:

Systemic Agency Collaborations:
– Youth Development Zone (YDZ), Community Connectors
– Youth Development Learning Community (YDLC)
– Ministry of National Security Strategic Planning Committee

Group Memberships:
– Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda (formerly IAC Bermuda)
– Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Bermuda
– Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, Nonprofit Division


Community Programmes

Our community programmes help to develop confident young people and create access to services for those who might not otherwise reach us. These programmes promote and teach teamwork, decision making, leadership, social skills, self-regulation and the satisfaction that comes from working to one’s fullest potential.

Community Programmes include:

Beyond Rugby Bermuda
– CedarBridge Academy
– The Berkeley Institute

Beyond Yoga Bermuda
– Dellwood Middle School

Youth Leadership Academy (YLA)
– Youth Leadership Intensive (YLI)
– YLA Foundations
– YLA Community

Counselling Services

 Our counselling services offer a confidential atmosphere of trust, support and acceptance which allows children and families to explore their emotional, social and behavioural challenges in a non-judgmental, safe environment with highly trained professionals. Our staff aim to guide families out of crisis, create safety networks for them and rebuild positive relationships through skill development and empowerment.

Counselling Services include:

Screening & Referral

Triage (short-term intervention)

Counselling (longer-term intervention)
– Child & Family Counselling
– Community & Home Counselling

Counselling Groups
– Social Skills Groups
– Family Groups
– Specialized Camps