Throughout October, which is Mental Health Month, Family Centre is sharing Therapeutic Tips to enhance your mental health and wellbeing.  Check out the videos below. We hope you find these tips helpful!  Family Centre Mental Health Tips were conceptualized by Counselling Intern Tatiana Redman, and filmed and produced by Family Support Specialist Intern Chervonne Hodsoll.

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Family Centre Executive Director, Dr. Sandy De Silva introduces our Mental Health Tips Series
Mental Health Tip: 5-4-3-2-1 with Rishèe Paschal, Family Centre Counselling Team Leader
Mental Health Tip: Deep Breathing with Raynisha Simmons, Senior Family Support Specialist
Mental Health Tip: Rest with Ge’Von Greaves, Family Support Specialist
Mental Health Tip: Reorientation with Stephanie Medeiros, Family Support Specialist
Mental Health Tip: Arts & Crafts with Chervonne Hodsoll, Family Support Specialist Intern
Mental Health Tip: Journaling with Cherise Carey, Counsellor
Mental Health Tip: Enjoy Nature with Tana Matthie, Counsellor
Mental Health Tip: Listening to Music with Carissa Darrell, Counsellor
Mental Health Tip: Power Hugs with Hannah Collins, Fund Development Coordinator
Mental Health Tip: ABC Around the Room with Tatiana Redman, Counselling Intern
Mental Health Tip: Pet an Animal with Rishèe Paschal, Counselling Team Leader