Teens need to hear about what healthy relationships look like. Please share this “Healthy Relationship Checklist” with your teen. Young people need support in understanding and communicating their emotional and physical boundaries, as well as knowing how to respect the boundaries of others. In addition, adults should model respectful and loving relationships for young people. Parents and caregivers should examine their own relationships and make sure they demonstrate encouragement, support, safety, and respect in their relationships.

As importantly, parents or caregivers should discuss the importance of breaking up relationships safely with teens, and teach the importance of discussing and accepting rejection since it is normal for breakups to occur.

There are local resources that can help families experiencing issues of abuse. Many of the resources are at no cost to families due to the immense generosity of Bermuda’s giving community. If you need to report abuse or have any immediate concerns about your child’s safety, please call the Department of Child and Family Services referral hotline at 278-9111 and/or the police. If you want to become more informed on how to prevent sexual abuse or need an advocate voice for your child or family, please contact SCARS at 297-2277. If you need to seek counselling for your child and/or family due to experiences of any abuse-related trauma, please contact Family Centre at 232-1116.

If parents recognize that they may be in an abusive relationship, they can contact the Centre Against Abuse’s 24-hour hotline at 297-8278 to get help, support and, if needed, consider safe housing for themselves and their children. Parents play a primary role in educating their children about healthy relationships, what is important in dating relationships, what to look for in dating relationships, and what warning signs to look for.

Read more: https://www.royalgazette.com/opinion-writer/opinion/article/20220404/protecting-our-children-and-teens-from-abuse

Learn more about the 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship: https://www.joinonelove.org/signs-healthy-relationship/