Family Centre Therapeutic Groups and Social Skills Groups are part of our menu of Counselling Services for children and teens in Bermuda. These groups are run after-school and are designed to increase children’s and teens’ social and communication skills so that they can better self-regulate and develop healthy relationships. Groups are created around various themes appropriate for different developmental stages. Children and adolescents learn through direct discussion, as well as role-playing and therapeutic games and activities with peers designed to introduce and strengthen specific social-emotional skills.

Upcoming Social Skills Groups

Lego Social Skills Group

  Tuesday April 16, 2024

  Family Centre, Sunshine League House, 27 King Street, Pembroke

Handouts from Recent Social Skills Groups


Here is what participants are saying about Family Centre’s Therapeutic Groups:

“I am Powerful” Girls Group

• “I learned how to express my feelings to other people.”
• “I learned how to cope with my anxiety.”
• “I learned how to be aware of my feelings and be confident.”

“Brotherhood” Boys Group

•  “I learned about confidentiality.”
• “I liked group because it was fun. I learned not to be afraid to speak.”
• “I liked to share my feelings with my friends. I learned that some people have some stuff that they need to share.”
• “I enjoyed group because it unlocks the potential. I learned to always be nice to others.”

Therapeutic Groups and Social Skills Groups are part of Family Centre Counselling Services.

Photos: Family Centre Counselling Team facilitating Therapeutic Groups. Pictured are Ge’Von Greaves, Carissa Darrell, and Rishee Paschal.

Family Centre Counsellors in Social Skills Group

Upcoming Groups

Stay tuned for upcoming therapeutic groups. Contact Family Centre at 232-1116 for more information.