Family Centre has seen a steady increase in calls for help since the onset of the pandemic and has increased its intensity of providing support.

During the course of a lifetime, everyone will face challenges with their mental health, just like we all have challenges with our physical health from time to time.  Children, teens and families in Bermuda are no exception.  

This Giving Tuesday, let’s ensure that our young people and their families do not suffer in silence. Your donation makes a difference so that children and teens have free access to Counselling Services and Community Outreach Programmes. 

Family Centre is the only non-profit social, behavioural and mental health organisation for children in Bermuda that is not hospital or government based. That means everything we do is only possible because of you, our donors.

Consider becoming a monthly donor. With your help, we can keep our free Counselling Services and Community Outreach Programmes going for generations to come.