Despite sexual assault, domestic violence and emotional abuse being prevalent in Bermuda, there is a lack of Bermuda specific data on the topic, that makes it difficult to implement the bold policies required to combat gendered violence. Lived experiences of Bermudians and Bermudian residents, although uncomfortable and painful, are needed to understand the issues and create meaningful change for those in Bermuda living through gendered violence.

Catherine Cooke is an MPhil student at the University of Cambridge and is studying the impact of gender violence against women in Bermuda. She has created two anonymous online surveys, one for women survivors and one for those of any gender who know someone who is a survivor, to gather information, particularly about the impact of Bermudian culture on gendered violence. These surveys are completely anonymous, confidential and their completion will assist greatly in gathering data that is basically non-existent in Bermuda.

Please see the survey links below for survivors of gender-based violence or friends/family of survivors:

The survey for survivors is linked here:

The survey for friends and family of survivors is linked here:

If you have any questions about the surveys, please email Catherine at or

Click here to learn more about Domestic Abuse and the resources available in Bermuda.

To learn more about the Gendered Violence Survey, read the article in the Royal Gazette.