Family Centre has been providing critical subsidized child and family intervention services to the Bermuda community for over 30 years.  Our story began when Martha Dismont, Family Centre Founder and Former Executive Director, tutored a young boy who needed academic help. The boy’s mother then referred a number of other children to Martha who were also in need of academic support. Through helping children academically, Martha discovered that some of the children were also facing a number of other challenges, such as abuse and neglect. She thus founded the organization to offer clinical counselling support to children in Bermuda to help give them a better chance at academic success.

The team at Family Centre soon realized that advocacy and outreach were key to preventing issues that affect the emotional, social and cognitive development of children and youth. This gave rise to the emergence of our community programmes, Youth Leadership Academy and Beyond Rugby Bermuda.  Additionally, Family Centre has been at the forefront and an active participant in advocacy initiatives that promote positive parenting and protection of children and their wellbeing.

Family Centre is the only not-for-profit social, behavioural and mental health organisation for children in Bermuda that is not hospital or government based. We are proud to be an internationally accredited, Bermuda-registered charity committed to supporting the positive development of Bermuda’s at-risk children, and strengthening their families and our community.

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